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When I was a teenager, the songs I could relate to the most were the ones that felt as if they had been written about me and what I was currently going through in life. Like many of us at that age, I often felt lonely, excluded and misunderstood, so these songs quickly became my sanctuary, my place to hide and my sole remedy.

Lately, I’ve been wondering, what if I could go back in time and send a message to my 14-year-old self to comfort her and make her feel strong and valuable in her fragile, turbulent and insecure reality?

A message about desperately trying to make things right that are far beyond repair.

About obsessive, idolatry and unreciprocated love that gives us a false sense of meaning in life.

About believing that casually being together with someone, for the sake of doing what everyone else does, could fix everything.

And finally, about learning to stand up for ourselves.


Claudia Balla


Claudia Balla Fix You
Claudia Balla Fire
Claudia Balla Enough


Claudia Balla


Based in Switzerland, Claudia Balla is a singer-songwriter who has established her name as an exciting talent and one to watch.
Claudia entered onto the scene in 2013 with her debut album “Enough”. The record combined soft, stripped-down melodies with powerful piano ballads which made her a force to be reckoned with in the European music scene and paved the way for bigger things to come.
In 2016, Claudia released her sophomore album, “Fire”, featuring her statement single “Perfect”. The thought-provoking song powerfully deals with the current social status of women and the challenges still imposed on women around the world. The contemporary pop production, dark harmonic elements and honest lyrics resonated within the hearts of listeners across the world.
Her duet, “Miracle”, recorded with fellow Swiss songstress Mané, tackles the delicate and pressing issue of climate change. The track is accompanied by a captivating music video which vividly highlights the devastating effects of climate change with images of human consumption on the planet.
Her EP, “Fix You”, sees Claudia blossom further, as she explores a new path by venturing into the realms of country pop. The EP consists of four exquisite and heart-warming songs that each have their own unique charm and will leave you wanting more.
In her recent duet, “Likely”, Claudia teams up with Swiss star Sonia Grimm, a delicately exquisite winter-themed single.
Likely” narrates a tale of raw and honest emotion, longing for the person we love to return our affections. The bilingual track features English and French, as Sonia is from the French- speaking Geneva. The beautiful fusion of languages is authentic and refreshing and adds to the magic of the song.
The video is set against the backdrop of the mesmerizing Swiss Alps, featuring stunning waterfalls, forests, and an enchanting fairytale-like castle. The video follows Claudia’s long quest that leads her through the woods, across creeks and deep into the mountain snow to be finally reunited with Sonia who is waiting for her at the castle.
The video resonates with the hearts of many, reflecting the sense of longing people around the world feel to be reunited with family and to spend precious time with the people we love during the current time. The beauty of the scene makes us believe that the moment will be even more special when it arrives.



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